How to Choose a Garage Door Company

Because garage doors have become a well-known part of the façade of new homes, garage door manufacturers are now offering more styles, materials and color options more than ever before. For those in the market for beautiful new garage doors, here are a couple of options to consider. Read more about garage doors Bellevue Decide […]

Great Tips to Maintain Your Garage Door

Most people don’t have maintaining their garage door on the house projects to-do list. Adding it could save you from having to buy a new overhead door sooner rather than later though. Make the most of garage door’s life span by keeping up the one you have. There isn’t much to do and it won’t […]

How to Repair Your Garage Door on Your Own

How many times have you been annoyed when you reach home after a long, tiring day and your garage door would refuse to open completely or just would not open at all? An automatic garage door opener had to serve you to make your life easier, not more hectic. A repair service for a garage […]

Garage Door Problems and Solutions

These days, garage doors have become staples in every home. The convenience of entering the garage with an automatic door makes life simple. It is usually the first thing that people take notice of when they arrive at your home or building. However, these doors need regular maintenance in order to function properly for an […]

4 Ways to Child-Proof Your Garage Doors

Parents want the best for their children, which is why they do whatever it takes to keep them happy, safe and secure. One way to ensure their safety is to make their homes child-friendly. However, most parents fail to extend their child-proofing strategies into the garage. Children are very curious individuals, and if you think […]

Tension Springs and Flip-Up Garage Doors

Are you the type of person who takes your home for granted? Most of us do. It’s easy, after all, to take things like hot water, working electricity and great plumbing for granted. That is, however, until the item stops working. Then you’re left to try to figure out how to fix the problem, or […]