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As of now, the Audio transcription service is a blessing in disguise for the entire legal fraternity – to attorneys, lawyers, judges, law firms etc. The lawyers need not encumber themselves, in preparing legal documents and records; instead they can now solicit the service of a good transcription service and devote their quality time to get a fair verdict for their clients. There are number of reputed transcription companies which provide customer focused accurate legal transcription service and meet well above the clients’ expectations. Read more about Tacoma DUI attorneys

Audio transcriptions utilizing digital web applications

The high end audio transcription services utilize up to date sophisticated infrastructure and convert the audio files from voice to text. These topnotch services accept dictations via toll free numbers, digital voice recorders etc. They also support all kind of audio formats like MP3, WAV, AU, etc. They employ dexterous transcribers on roll, who are erudite in all the lingos, terminologies, prevailing in the legal fraternity.

These affordable transcription services professionally transcribe all sorts of legal documents, such as criminal law, family relevant matters, real-estate, corporate laws, personal injury law, patent law, etc.

Apt & prompt transcription solutions for the legal professionals

The voice transcription services take a major chunk of the burden from the lawyers’ shoulders, thereby alleviating them to spend more quality time in their court proceedings. These services accepts audio transcription jobs on Depositions, legal pleadings, Trial, verbatim, court tapes, wire tap, court proceedings, briefs, general correspondence, interrogations reports, Memorandum and other international communications, judgment etc.

Some of the Salient advantages one gains, by soliciting the services of a good audio transcription provider are:

They provide error free legal transcript with utmost accuracy.

The transcription of legal documents are subjected to a three tier quality check, done by proficient proof readers, editors and legal professionals
Transfer of files takes place thorough fully secured FTP, 256 bit Advance Encryption Standard (AES) encrypted protocols.

Prompt assistance for attorneys in handling and managing the legal documents.

Round the clock, 24x7x356 days, fully dedicated team of legal transcribers.

Rapid turnaround time (TAT).

Reasonable rates within the customers’ budget.

A 7 day free trial offer.

Fully protected data transfer

Maintaining the client’s confidentiality and secrecy, are the first and foremost concern for these leading audio transcription services. They keep these two things on top of their agenda. They keep on staff; only transcribers who have duly signed the confidentiality agreement. All their web systems are fully protected with the latest antivirus and fire walls.

Voice transcription

Legal transcription

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