Remote Or Manual Operated? The Choice Is Yours With Garage Doors

he most popular garage door is still the old trusted one that slides up and into the garage roof space. This design has been around for decades and is the most popular because it takes up so little space.

There are other options and the choices are many and it often depends on your budget as some can be fairly expensive if they are for example a double garage remote controlled one. On the other hand if you have a double garage and two cars that are worth locking up day and night then the term expensive is relative. Read more about garage doors Delray Beach

Up and over versions began replacing the old wooden doors of the earlier part of the twentieth century a long time ago. The problems with the wooden garage doors were that they rotted over a period of time if they were neglected at all and not repainted every couple of years. Paintwork on wood peels quickly when left to the outside elements.

Modern doors for garages are rarely made of wood these days and aluminium does not rot in any condition. Other materials used are various poly fibres based and they also weather exceptionally well. They also do not need painting unless it is just for aesthetic effect to fit in with the house paintwork or to blend into the garden.

In the nineteenth and earlier century affluent parts of major cities like London there were of course no garages but the huge private houses of those days had mews or coach houses built for their horses and coaches. Usually two or three stories high, the straw for the horses would be kept on the top floor and grooms and other lowly staff would sleep on another.

These coach houses in central London are now worth millions of pounds as converted houses and the strange thing is that a century or two later when garages were built to house the cars which had come to replace the horse, no one would have thought that today in the very expensive centre of the city these garages are being sold daily to be converted to housing.

Only very expensive inner city houses in central locations are built with separate garages and with the exorbitant price of land per square metre it has become more common practice to have the garage under the house where once there may have been cellars.

As well as private properties, it is unusual for a new office block not to be built with underground parking. You can see these in any city in the world where the ramp leads down to electronic barriers or remotely operated garage doors opening and closing all day for staff to come and go. Some like those at the Houses of Parliament have immense security and bomb proof garage doors. You may not need bomb proof but whatever type you need you can bet you can find it in this internet world where nothing is impossible to find.

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